Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As life begins to unfold I realize how loud and clear God speaks to me at times, but I choose not to hear. Like an old friend would say “the Spirit sets off an alarm but I keep hitting snooze” … like No, God let me hold on to it a bit longer. The path of my Walk has been far from perfect and I have gotten distracted many times. Yet the important thing is too get up and realize that the trials and the disappointments only makes us stronger. As I stand in many places as a role model for other women that are going thru what I have gone thru, I feel blessed that God allowed these things to happen so that later I can testify for  His Glory! I am transparent and not once I want anyone to get a fake version of what I really I am this is why thru this blog that I am really not sure where it will end I want to share my weaknesses. The areas where I need constant prayer and strength. For me it begins with the heart and believe it or not it end at the mouth. Just tag along with me … you’ll understand. From the stress of raising 2 kids alone, to maintaining healthy eating habits, to seeking peace and enduring, to just having a toxic relationship to allowing myself to create a platonic love story that leads to a broken heart. With being a mom, a professional, a church active member, a daughter, a sister and a mentor… Where did I leave Chadel??? I pray that daily God grants me the serenity and the wisdom to speak into your heart as you read and that for those involved in my journal, please don’t be offended or take it personal. Just know that no matter what role you played in my life, God used you for His glory and to show me the things I know now. I will share my story and make sure it aligns with the Word  of God , so that you can understand exactly what I am talking about when I say God speaks clear.... we just choose not to hear....

Your feedback is appreciated!

God Bless

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